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Summer is gone: Streetart for the fall

Autumn starts today.

The sun is gone and the rain started.

And I will not post some rainy days pictures from the sky.

I will remember the last season: Summer

I will embrace  the Summer with the picture log.

A #latergram on #additionalstory

A #summerlatergram

First stop: Street Art in London, Shoreditch and Bricklane


Wahrscheinlich der letzte Sommertag in London.

Der Herbst fängt heute an.

Die Sonne ist verschwunden und der englische Regen ist angekommen.

Aber ich habe keine Lust einen Herbstpost zu machen.

Ich werde die letzte Jahreszeit noch einmal Revue passieren lassen.

Ich werde den Sommer mit dem Picturelog wieder beleben.

Ein #latergram auf #additionalstory

Ein #summerlatergram

Erster Post: Street Art in London: Shoreditch und Bricklane


IMG_1550IMG_1558IMG_1556 IMG_1549 IMG_1546 IMG_1545IMG_1580

Picturelog: Golden sun in Camden

Camden is everywhere today.

It seems like it is the last day of the summer.

Golden sun.

I spent the evening in this beautiful north London area.

Just walking around and taking some pictures of these lively neighborhood.

I let the pictures speak for themselves.

In addition, I was able to shoot a very nice spontaneous  shoot with the London local Mona. Check out her page if you are interested in dance culture and awesome dance moves.

Have a nice sunday 🙂


#addtionalstory asks: What makes you happy, Kingston?

Something irrational made me happy.
In Half Way Tree, Kingston I started to wonder what the people here makes them happy.

And because I didn’t want to assume something that I could never know I just went on the street and started asking some people at the transportation center and at the Mandela Park in Kingston.
Here is what they said…




What makes you happy? 
Did you expect these answers?

Series: 5 secret signs that you are in Cuba


When you are in Cuba you will know it in a second, because beside rum, tobacco and salsa the main signs that you are in Cuba are:


  1. Old Cars

Quite stereotypical for Cuba, but it is really one of the first thing every visitor recognizes. These pre revolutionary cars are still shining, polished and driving hundreds of people around every day.  And not only the cars are ols, also trains, trucks and everything that has to do with transportation will make you realize how creative cubans are to keep old things in a very good condition.

Old but still shiny
Old but still shiny

Oldtimer in the streets of La Habana

  1. No real timetables

In Cuba, everything a bus, a car or a train comes when it comes. Than can be today, tomorrow or in three days. And nobody will be able to tell you exactly when the transport is arriving or leaving. Overland  trucks for people will start when the space is full. That can be 6am or 6pm. If you want to travel in Cuba you will train your patience without doubt.


Sometimes you can wait inside, even the driver is not there.
Sometimes you can wait inside, even the driver is not there.



  1. Political street art

Street art and graffiti are normally a form of protest and resistance. In Cuba you can see also the very conform and political government supporting streetart.

These always repeating and nostalgic pieces of sort are giving the streets this unique flair you can only discover in Cuba.

Tu ejemplo vive, tus ideas perduran
Tu ejemplo vive, tus ideas perduran





4. Natural Paradise

If you open your eyes and you can’t see nothing than real nature around you, you are probably in Cuba. Especially the small towns and the eastern coast is like a trip to the surrealistic landscapes of the magic realism in latin america.

Abandoned beaches, so natural that even the coconut leaves are still there, quietness and peace and only the sound of the ocean…. that is the wild side of Cuba.

magical reaslism becomes real!
An abandoned beach: magical reaslism becomes real!
Nothing but nature in Baracoa.
Nothing but nature in Baracoa.



  1. ‘Pizza de queso’

I know.. Cuba has a lot to offer, one of the best rums, cigars, culture, beaches… But the food is definitely not one of the things that are known by the world. But still, Cubans eat everyday and if they don’t eat rice, beans and meat they love the cheese pizza. This pizza is more like a thick  pancake like base, topped with some ketchup salsa and cuban melted cheese. Sometimes you get them clapped together, sometimes the cheese is not yet melted and sometimes you have to wait ages for your pizza but it is the number one street food in Cuba, no matter where you go.

The famous but unspectacular 'pizza'
The famous but unspectacular ‚pizza‘
Everything is out, but pizza is still there...
Everything is out, but pizza is still there…

Log: Guantánamo


After months of travelling I passed every possible feeling. From excitement, anticipation, anger, frustration, love, fear, stress, exhausted,lucky,  annoyed to thankful. But the hardest feeling I kept in my mind was a big question mark about my coming and going feeling of happiness.


Sitting in a overcrowd  ‚Camion‘, what is not more than an old truck with some hard metal reihen to sit on,  from Guantánamo to Baracoa in the most eastern part of Cuba i felt too lucky.

After an unplanned night in Guantánamo me and my travel friend finally were lucky enough to get on one of this pre revolutionary trucks, more than 60 years old but still rolling and transporting about 30 crazy school boys, farmers, children, pigs, goats, chicken and us two.

After that seven hour trip our clothes were soaked in sweat, rust, rum and rainwater.



We stopped every 15 minutes because the driver had to say ‘hola’ to some friends on the road, to piss on the street, to eat a pineapple, to drink some rum or just because he wanted to stretch his back.

We were pushed together on the smallest space in the truck and constantly asked by the curious and friendly cuban man where are we from and why we are traveling with the uncomfortable camion.

Even if this trip was hard it was one of the funniest and luckiest  experiences we bonded with our rum drinking neighbors, learnt that  roosters like  flavored ice-cream like humans and that potholes in the size of a cow are the best communication starters.


Other tourists looked at us with a face of unbelief, curiosity and envy when we told them about our trip.