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Summer is gone: Streetart for the fall

Autumn starts today.

The sun is gone and the rain started.

And I will not post some rainy days pictures from the sky.

I will remember the last season: Summer

I will embrace  the Summer with the picture log.

A #latergram on #additionalstory

A #summerlatergram

First stop: Street Art in London, Shoreditch and Bricklane


Wahrscheinlich der letzte Sommertag in London.

Der Herbst fängt heute an.

Die Sonne ist verschwunden und der englische Regen ist angekommen.

Aber ich habe keine Lust einen Herbstpost zu machen.

Ich werde die letzte Jahreszeit noch einmal Revue passieren lassen.

Ich werde den Sommer mit dem Picturelog wieder beleben.

Ein #latergram auf #additionalstory

Ein #summerlatergram

Erster Post: Street Art in London: Shoreditch und Bricklane


IMG_1550IMG_1558IMG_1556 IMG_1549 IMG_1546 IMG_1545IMG_1580


Picturelog: Golden sun in Camden

Camden is everywhere today.

It seems like it is the last day of the summer.

Golden sun.

I spent the evening in this beautiful north London area.

Just walking around and taking some pictures of these lively neighborhood.

I let the pictures speak for themselves.

In addition, I was able to shoot a very nice spontaneous  shoot with the London local Mona. Check out her page if you are interested in dance culture and awesome dance moves.

Have a nice sunday 🙂


Why you have to see this: Black and White in Cuba Part I


Why is this important?

Dear Photography Lover, Picture Tagger, Sport Fanatics, Basketball Heroes and World Traveler:

This is a scence in the capital of Cuba, La Habana. This is what La Habana is every day.


It is not the typical old car in a small street, it is not the salsa dancing and the rum drinking, the relaxed, nostagic, static Cuba – it is different.


Bright, clear, moving, motion, and energy making  an  #additional story.